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Create a Koii Wallet

Koii supports a file system wallet that can be used to interface directly with the Koii command-line tools.

A file system wallet, aka an FS wallet, is a directory in your computer's file system. Each file in the directory holds a keypair.

Source Solana

To generate a file system wallet keypair, use Koii's command-line tool koii-keygen. Run the following command:

koii-keygen new --outfile ~/.config/koii/id.json

This file contains your unencrypted keypair, protect this file as it grants access to all tokens sent to its public key. Do not distribute the file; share only the public key to maintain security.

The public key of the keypair file is your wallet address. To display your public key, run:

koii address

It will return a string of characters like:


Congratulations! You now have a Koii wallet, Next, let's airdrop some KOII in your wallet.