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The Namespace Object

Namespacing is a programming concept that involves encapsulating a group of entities, variables, functions, or objects under a single umbrella term. In the context of Koii, the Koii namespace object namespace serves as a global wrapper for all APIs required in Koii tasks.

This JavaScript object is injected into a Koii task by the task node running the task, and the Koii task has access to all wrapped utilities.

Here's an example demonstrating how you can store a key-value pair in the local NeDB database using the namespace object:

const { namespaceWrapper } = require("../_koiiNode/koiiNode");

async function task() {
try {
const value = "Hello, World!";

if (value) {
// store value on NeDB
await namespaceWrapper.storeSet("key", value);
return value;
} catch (err) {
console.log("ERROR IN EXECUTING TASK", err);

This line of code utilizes the storeSet() method from the namespace object to store the key-value pair "key" and "value" in the local NeDB database. The task can then retrieve and use this stored data as needed. The namespace object provides a convenient and unified way to interact with various utilities within a Koii task.

Why is The Namespace Object Important?

The Namespace object is important for several reasons, some of which are:

  • It protects and isolates the code from other applications.
  • It prevents memory leakage.
  • It ensures code is organized, easy to read, and refactored according to requirements.
  • It is easy to recognize the variables and functions from where they are defined.

Custom Namespace Utilities

The Namespace object can be expanded by including unique utilities when a Koii task is created. More information on this is discussed in this section.