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🎏 Welcome to the New Internet


Why did we build Koii?

To make a better world by connecting the people that live in it.

Ancient civilizations had information networks, too. The ancient internet wasn't fast, but language, art, and culture have always allowed our species to share knowledge and learn from one another. Occasionally, someone exaggerated a bit, and an iguana became a dragon in myth, but mostly it worked okay.

As technologies have advanced, from printing presses to radio antennae to modern 5G and mobile devices, the power of the network has grown exponentially. At the same time, democracy has emerged as the de-facto form of governance, elevating mass communication networks and those who control them and creating a massive power imbalance for the rest of us.

Koii is designed to return that power back to the people. We are the network, after all. We just need to pool enough computers, and we can quickly replace social media, publishing, news, and even artificial intelligence with community-owned-and-operated alternatives.

Beyond edge computing being better for the environment, it's also a whole lot less expensive to use existing consumer hardware than to build new data centers.

Your personal computer could be paying your rent, and it could help us build a more fair and open web.

The World Computer

Since Ethereum's debut in 2015, the idea of a World Computer has captured the imagination of millions around the world. The benefits of a trustless digital machine with inherent censorship resistance are, in many ways, the answer to the growing pains and civil unrest as our societies struggle to adapt to the realities of global communication via the internet.

Ethereum and other payment networks have paved the way for decentralized commerce, but many of the tools were missing, and decentralized systems require complex game theory to engineer security. Koii is designed from the ground up to make it easy to build fast, scalable, and private systems, hosted across our community cloud.

Building your next project on Koii might be cheaper, but it will also be more secure, and our community would love to help.

Whether you're designing Artificial Intelligence, Social Media apps, or any number of other products, Koii's community cloud can provide cost and security benefits.

We designed an open standard called

Gradual Consensus
, and implemented that technology in our revolutionary product, Koii

Depending on the size of the community, volunteer task operators may be sufficient to power the product, or a grant can be requested to cover initial KOII tokens to pay for early bounties.