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Key Components


When a task is created, there are two key components that must be uploaded to the Koii Network to initiate the task.


Every task is compiled into a single JavaScript executable file that contains all of the functions required to run the task. We go into detail throughout the tutorial. Three functions are required to be defined:

  • Task Function — This function contains the core logic of the task executable and submits the proof of the work done by participating nodes to K2. Learn more
  • Audit Function — This function audits other participating nodes. Learn More
  • Distribution Function — This function creates the distribution list and submits it on-chain. Learn More


Task metadata is essential structured data that provides valuable information about a Koii task. By examining the metadata, node operators can gain a comprehensive understanding of a specific task. It is highly recommended to include key details such as the minimum computer specifications and reward structure within the metadata. This inclusion allows node operators to have a clear understanding of how rewards will be distributed, minimizing any potential confusion or uncertainty when executing your task.

Task metadata sample:

name: 'Sample Task',
description: 'This a demo task',
author: 'KOII-networks',
githubURL: '',
imageURL: 'image.png',
createdAt: '',
nodeSpec: {
storage: '',
cpu: '4',
memory: '8',
os: [ 'Linux', 'Windows', 'MacOS' ],
network: '20'
bountyStructure: {
"minimum stake amount": '5',
"total bounty amount" : '10000000',
"bounty amount per round": '10',
distributionStructure: {
"distribution per round": '0.15',
"distribution mechanism": "every node gets fixed amount of reward every round",
"stake dependence": "rewards do not depend on stake",
"time dependence": "longer staking does not mean more reward"

There are two types of task metadata:

  1. Data that is stored on an IPFS metadata file - which is done on task creation

    • Task manager — K2 wallet address of task creator.
    • Task description — An optional field for adding a detailed description of the task.
    • Task name — Name of the task.
  2. Data that are stored on K2 - updated over time and reflect the latest state of the task