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Proof of Real Traffic

What is Proof of Real Traffic?

Proof of Real Traffic (PoRT) is a cryptographic primitive including a signature from a specific consumer wallet. Each viewer creates a signature and then hashes over it to find a PoRT with a specific difficulty factor generating a PoW that uniquely represents the content and viewer.


How does it work?

The attention task runs on the network of Koii nodes. After a user registers their content to the attention task, it will keep collecting the views received by the content. Currently, supported content: NFT on Arweave, content on IPFS, or your webpage. After collecting certain views, users can get their KOII.

How can I use it?

We provide two powerful SDK tools to help users build and collect KOII, @_koii/k2-port and @_koii/k2-recipient-sdk.

The @_koii/k2-port SDK is used for collecting views for your website. The @_koii/k2-recipient-sdk SDK is used to register your content to the Attention task and collect KOII.

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