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Ethereum Encryption

Encrypting and Decrypting Messages Using Ethereum Keys

Ethereum keys are generated using asymmetric encryption algorithms, specifically the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

New Ethereum Keypair

Generate a new identity with a private key and a public key.

We'd be using the eth-crypto library.

const EthCrypto = require("eth-crypto");

async function generateECIESKeypair() {
// Create keypair with privateKey and publicKey
const identity = EthCrypto.createIdentity();
console.log("Public Key:", identity.publicKey);
console.log("Private Key:", identity.privateKey);
return {
publicKey: identity.publicKey,
privateKey: identity.privateKey,

Encrypt Message

Compress the publicKey and use the EthCrypto.encryptWithPublicKey method to encrypt the message with the compressed public key so that only the corresponding privateKey can decrypt it.

Return a smaller string representation of the encrypted data.

async function encryptMessage(publicKey, message) {
// Compress publicKey
const compressedPublicKey = EthCrypto.publicKey.compress(publicKey);

// Encrypt the message
const encryptedMessage = await EthCrypto.encryptWithPublicKey(
return EthCrypto.cipher.stringify(encryptedMessage); // string-representation of encrypted data

Decrypt Message

Parse the string representation back into the encrypted object and then decrypt the encrypted data with the privateKey. Return the decrypted message.

async function decryptMessage(privateKey, encryptedMessage) {
// Parse to encrypted object
const encryptedObject = EthCrypto.cipher.parse(encryptedMessage);

// Decrypt with the privateKey
const decryptedMessage = await EthCrypto.decryptWithPrivateKey(
return decryptedMessage;

Now that we have functions to generate keypair, encrypt messages, and decrypt messages, let's put them to use:

async function main() {
const walletData = await generateECIESKeypair(); // generate Keypair
console.log("wallet data is ", walletData);

const publicKey = walletData.publicKey; // get public key
const privateKey = walletData.privateKey; // get private key
const message = "Hello World!";

// Encrypt the message
const encryptedMessage = await encryptMessage(publicKey, message);
console.log("Encrypted Message:", encryptedMessage);

// Decrypt the message
const decryptedMessage = await decryptMessage(privateKey, encryptedMessage);
console.log("Decrypted Message:", decryptedMessage);


Using Solana and Ethereum keys to encrypt and decrypt messages provides a powerful solution for secure communication in decentralized environments. Users can ensure confidentiality, integrity, and privacy in their digital interactions by leveraging these platforms' cryptographic capabilities.