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Introduction to Nodes


Koii Nodes are part of the Koii Network, a decentralized platform designed to reward creators for the attention their content generates.

Definition and Purpose

Koii Nodes are decentralized entities (computers or servers) that participate in the Koii Network. They perform various functions such as validating transactions, maintaining the blockchain, and ensuring the integrity and security of the network. These nodes are responsible for processing tasks, recording attention metrics, and securing the network through consensus mechanisms.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Content Tracking: Koii Nodes track the attention or engagement that content receives across the web.
  • Transaction Validation: They validate transactions and updates to the network, ensuring that all changes are accurately recorded and consistent across the network.
  • Decentralized Hosting: Koii Nodes can also participate in hosting content, making the network a decentralized platform where content is distributed and resilient against censorship or downtime.
  • Consensus Participation: Nodes partake in the consensus process to agree on the state of the blockchain and the legitimacy of transactions and content metrics.


Participants who run Koii Nodes are incentivized through KOII tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the Koii Network. These rewards are distributed based on the node's contributions to the network, such as validating transactions, hosting content, and tracking attention metrics.

Technology and Integration

Koii Nodes leverages blockchain technology to maintain a decentralized ledger of content attention metrics and transactions. This ensures transparency and allows for a trustless system where creators are fairly rewarded.