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Reduced Computing Costs


Marketplace dynamics can ensure that compute costs stay low as networks scale. When hosting is decentralized, projects can dynamically reprice and ensure competition for the lowest cost.

Pay for Compute, not Device

Koii uses a 'pay per compute' model instead of a 'pay per device' model. This model enables cost optimization, as users only pay for the resources they actually consume. This eliminates the need to invest in expensive infrastructure and allows businesses and individuals to scale their computing power on demand, effectively reducing operational costs.

Capitalizing on Idle Computing Power

Our global digital ecosystem is a rich tapestry of interconnected computers, each with processing power to spare. Even in idle status, our computers consume a considerable amount of electricity, this latent processing power is an untapped resource.

This value, if used efficiently, could result in substantial cost savings globally, up to billions of dollars. It can even reduce carbon emissions, and help us build a more sustainable future.

Every second that a computer lies idle or underutilized represents unused potential and a missed opportunity. Considering the number of computers worldwide, this wasted computing power translates into a significant resource. Add to this the expense of electricity, and you realize the need for an innovative approach to tap into this immense potential and minimize the associated costs.