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Koii Nodes


Nodes are the backbone of the Koii network. We are trying to build a global, decentralized network that will rival the current monopolies on computing power. By downloading the Koii Node, your laptop can also be a part of our global network that aims to revolutionize and democratize the world, as a

Task Node
that run Web3 applications.

By choosing to do so, on top of helping developers with all kinds of projects, you also will gain rewards in the form of KOII tokens Alternatively, if you have a relatively powerful machine, you can convert it to become a

K2 Validator
which tracks the settlement layer.


As an early adopter, the amount of KOII tokens you will get will be much higher. We are also incentivizing running a node by giving extra rewards via

Koii Leaderboard

Interested? You can try out the Task Node by downloading the

Koii Node
and following our tutorial.