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Koii Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We have answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us on Discord.

Q: How to download/update Koii Node?​

Please visit Koii Node and click "Download Now" to download the latest version of Koii Node. Koii Node will auto update when a new version is available. For Linux users, please download the latest version and replace the old one. If you have trouble updating, please contact us on Discord.

Q: How to create a Koii account?​

After downloading Koii Node, please follow the instructions to create a Koii account. You will need to provide an account name and a password. System will provide you with a private key. Please keep your private key safe. You will need it to log in to your account if you switch your device. If you lose your private key, you will lose access to your account.

Q: How to get some KOII tokens?​

You can get KOII tokens by visiting our faucet page or running the tasks. After logging in to Koii Node, please click the "Add funds" button at the bottom left corner. You will be directed to our faucet page. Please follow the instructions to get some KOII tokens.

Q: How to run the task?​

After logging in to Koii Node, you will see the available task list. Stake some KOII tokens to the task you want to run. After staking, please click the "Run" button to run the task. Some tasks need to set up the task environment to run. Please follow the instructions to complete the item set up.

Notice: You can run multiple tasks at the same time. Please make sure you have enough KOII tokens to stake.

Q: How to check the task status?​

The Tasks status is listed in My Node page. If the task is shown as "Error" and Stop running, please check the task log to see what's wrong. If you have trouble fixing the error, please contact us on Discord.

Q: How to withdraw KOII tokens?​

After running the task, you will earn your first reward after 10 - 30 minutes. Then you can withdraw your KOII tokens by clicking the "Claim Rewards" button. The longer you run the task, the more KOII tokens you will earn. You can withdraw your KOII tokens at any time.

Q: I accidently delete my Spheron storage key, how to get another one?​

  1. Setting up a new account and generating a new key will be the easiest way, then you can switch back to using your newly generated key for your previous account.

  2. Also, you can easily transfer your KOII tokens from your Koii node application to your Finnie wallet. And then transfer them to your new account and keep mining.

  3. Additionally, they can follow this tutorial: Click Here to get a new one and manually insert it.

Q: I accidentally clicked on the devnet. how can I open again my Koii app/node?​

For Mac: Delete this file and start the node ~/Library/Application Support/desktop-node/config.json

For Linux: Delete this file and start the node ~/.config/desktop-node/config.json

Q: My task failed at: Start task/Upgrade task/accidentally close the Koii Node and lead to stake token gone. Where should I find them?​

If you believe that your KOII is lost, it would be a good idea to check your staking balance first. If your KOII is there you can follow the instructions on the image to send those KOII back to your main wallet. stakewallet

Q: What's the suggest balance I should at least have in staking wallet?​

It varies on the amount of data you will hold, so if you are running more tasks, you will be storing more data in your staking wallet.

Around 7 KOII is sufficient for 1mb of rent exemption, though if you have more data and less KOII than rent exemption you will need to pay rent ~0.0047 KOII per epoch per mb.

Q: Why don’t I have permission to check the main.log when an error occurred in my task? How to fix it?​

It should be the permission issue, try running it as Administrator and try again.

Q: I have an issue with my KOII stuck in the stake box, they can neither take it back nor use them to run the task. What should I do?​

We noted this issue(token stuck in the box), Will patch this in the next version.

Somehow your task ended in the available tasks, but you still have some KOII staked. Your KOII are safe and staked in the task. Its just a UI issue that when you trying to click play button it is trying to stake KOII again and since you doesn't had that much KOII so you is not able to stake it again.

Q: I created wallet when Koii was on K1 (Arweave based KOII) but as Koii has migrated to k2 (Solana forked Koii), what should I do to get my tokens back.​

You cannot keep using your old key phrase to retrieve the wallet, Older keys run on Arweave. If your key was created before K2, select Arweave for import.


Q: Lost a lot of tokens overnight (not in my staking key).​

The problem is you may stake too many KOII on a single task, and might have get slashed, most tasks currently are not really dependent on the stake amount currently, so staking more won't get you more KOII for these tasks (In future there will be such tasks).

For enhanced security, it's advisable to maintain a separate cold wallet, not connected to the KOII network. This allows for the safekeeping of unused KOII tokens. Consequently, the wallet associated with the KOII node should function as a hot wallet, dedicated solely to managing tasks and staking activities.

Q: I have issue with unable to claim rewards or unstake my KOII.​

The problem you're encountering is a shortage of KOII tokens in your main wallet to cover the transaction fees associated with actions like unstaking and claiming rewards. It's important not to deplete your main wallet entirely. Instead, ensure that it retains a sufficient balance of KOII tokens to handle transaction costs for various operations, such as submitting data for tasks, claiming rewards, and unstaking. This strategy will help avoid situations where you're unable to execute these transactions due to insufficient funds.

Q: I am trying to run twitter tasks for a while now but keeps facing this issue "Password is incorrect or email verification needed".​

Please open an incognito window, go to twitter login page and use your username(not email or phone number), and password to log in to twitter. You might face a reCAPTCHA from twitter. After any verification such as email or phone number and you can log in without the verification, use Koii Node and try to run the task again.

Q: Will the mainnet token will be distributed 1:1 for node runners?​

Yes, the only exception is in cases where fraud or other nefarious activity is detected.

Q: I changed computer, can I sync my old Koii node with my new Koii nodes?​

On VPS: We don't have the support as of now for the seeds of staking_wallet (Will add in future).
On PC: What you should have done is backup the private key of staking_wallet which is found under <path_to_k2_vps_repo>/namespace/staking_wallet.json and as for the main wallet that is the one created using koii-keygen (Also outputs the seed phrase for you to store) and can be found under koii config get command KeyPair Path.

Q: Where do I find my Spheron Key after it's set up?​

You can find your storage key here:

Q: I do not having enough KOII for gas fees when staking full numbers.​

Reserve Tokens for Gas Fees: Before staking all your KOII tokens, ensure you reserve a small portion of them to cover the gas fees.

Acquire Additional KOII: You can acquire additional KOII tokens to cover the gas fees. Please reserve at least 7 KOII in you staking key

Stake in Smaller Amounts: Instead of staking the entire amount at once, consider staking smaller portions. This way, the gas fees for each transaction will be lower , and you can ensure that enough tokens are left to cover these fees.

Q: Didn't Koii use to use Why did we switch to Spheron?​

The did an upgrade and no longer has the free tier which means you will need to have a credit card in order to have a key.

So we did a partnership with Spheron to allow users to have easy one click integration without requiring any credit card.

Q: I have a problem when I claim the rewards.​

So far all the problems here are visual, please wait a while after clicking to claim reward and then refreshing will solve the problem.

Q: If I stake more on tasks do I get bigger rewards?​

The decision to offer larger rewards for higher stakes depends on each task creator's policy. Although no active tasks currently use stake size as a reward modifier, task creators might implement this feature to encourage greater participation or investment in their tasks. It can serve as an incentive for contributors to engage more significantly with the task, potentially leading to higher quality submissions or more robust involvement.

However, our platform typically operates on a standard deposit model. Should task creators choose to offer such incentives, they can do so (e.g., 1.1x reward for stakes over 100 KOII) using the smart contract functionality.

Q: What should I do if I lose track of the node and can't restart it?​

If you're having trouble locating or restarting the node, it's important to note that the node may be minimized. Please check your system tray or similar areas where minimized applications are displayed. You'll likely find the node there, and you can close it from that location. Once closed, you should be able to restart the node without any issues. This step ensures that you regain control over the node's operation.

Q: What should I do if I meet this Javascript error?​


For Mac: Delete this file and start the node ~/Library/Application Support/desktop-node/config.json

For Linux/Windows: Delete this file and start the node ~/.config/desktop-node/config.json

For Windows: Delete this file and start the node %APPDATA%/desktop-node/config.json


  1. Please do NOT delete the Spheron key as it is not recoverable.

  2. Please double check if your Twitter information is correct. (i.e. setting Spheron key for twitter username, password, and phone)