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Financial & Token Management

Q: What's the suggest balance I should at least have in staking wallet?

It varies on the amount of data you will hold, so if you are running more tasks, you will be storing more data in your staking wallet.

Around 7 KOII is sufficient for 1mb of rent exemption, though if you have more data and less KOII than rent exemption you will need to pay rent ~0.0047 KOII per epoch per mb.

Q: I created a wallet when Koii was on K1 (Arweave based KOII) but as Koii has migrated to K2 (Solana forked Koii), what should I do to get my tokens back.

You cannot keep using your old key phrase to retrieve the wallet, Older keys run on Arweave. If your key was created before K2, select Arweave for import.


Q: Lost a lot of tokens overnight (not in my staking key).

The problem is you may stake too many KOII on a single task, and might have get slashed, most tasks currently are not really dependent on the stake amount currently, so staking more won't get you more KOII for these tasks (In future there will be such tasks).

For enhanced security, it's advisable to maintain a separate cold wallet, not connected to the KOII network. This allows for the safekeeping of unused KOII tokens. Consequently, the wallet associated with the KOII node should function as a hot wallet, dedicated solely to managing tasks and staking activities.

Q: I have an issue with being unable to claim rewards or unstake my KOII.

The problem you're encountering is a shortage of KOII tokens in your main wallet to cover the transaction fees associated with actions like unstaking and claiming rewards. It's important not to deplete your main wallet entirely. Instead, ensure that it retains a sufficient balance of KOII tokens to handle transaction costs for various operations, such as submitting data for tasks, claiming rewards, and unstaking. This strategy will help avoid situations where you're unable to execute these transactions due to insufficient funds.

Q: I do not having enough KOII for gas fees when staking full numbers.

Reserve Tokens for Gas Fees: Before staking all your KOII tokens, ensure you reserve a small portion of them to cover the gas fees.

Acquire Additional KOII: You can acquire additional KOII tokens to cover the gas fees. Please reserve at least 7 KOII in you staking key

Stake in Smaller Amounts: Instead of staking the entire amount at once, consider staking smaller portions. This way, the gas fees for each transaction will be lower , and you can ensure that enough tokens are left to cover these fees.