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Koii Documentations

Full List of Tasks (for VPS):

Updated in 15th April, 2024
To ensure the most correct task id, please download Koii Node.

Task name: Free Token Task
Min Stake: 1.7 KOII

Task name: Arweave Verifier
Min Stake: 1.9 KOII

Task name: Inflation Monitoring
Min Stake: 0.9 KOII

Task name: Big Big Task
Min Stake: 0.01 KOII

Task name: Adot Search AI
Min Stake: 1.9 KOII

Task name: #koii Twitter Archive
Min Stake: 1.9 KOII

Task name: Archive Twitter
Min Stake: 1.9 KOII

Task name: Mask Social Feeds
Min Stake: 1.9 KOII

Tech Words:

Namespace: In programming, a namespace is a container that holds a set of identifiers, such as variable and function names , and allows them to be distinguished from others that might have the same name but are in a different namespace. In this context, it refers to a specific set of functions or methods within the task-node that are used for managing the distribution list.

Error Code:

Code 429: Error code 429 typically indicates that the user has exceeded the rate limit, which is often encountered in scenarios where an API or service is accessed too frequently within a given time frame. It's not typically associated with a low internet connection. In the context of Twitter, this error suggests that the user's actions are being temporarily restricted due to an excessive number of requests or submissions in a short period.

It would be beneficial to inquire if the user is operating multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously or engaging in actions that could trigger the platform's rate-limiting mechanisms. To resolve this issue, it's advisable for the user to halt any ongoing tasks or interactions with Twitter for a few hours before attempting to access the service again. This pause can help reset the account's request count and potentially avoid further rate-limiting errors.