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Rewards & Staking

Q: Will the mainnet token will be distributed 1:1 for node runners?

Yes, the only exception is in cases where fraud or other nefarious activity is detected.

Q: If I stake more on tasks do I get bigger rewards?

The decision to offer larger rewards for higher stakes depends on each task creator's policy. Although no active tasks currently use stake size as a reward modifier, task creators might implement this feature to encourage greater participation or investment in their tasks. It can serve as an incentive for contributors to engage more significantly with the task, potentially leading to higher quality submissions or more robust involvement.

However, our platform typically operates on a standard deposit model. Should task creators choose to offer such incentives, they can do so (e.g., 1.1x reward for stakes over 100 KOII) using the smart contract functionality.

Q: I have a problem when I claim the rewards.

Please wait a while after clicking "claim reward" button and then refreshing will solve the problem.