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Task State


A task's state can be retrieved using the getTaskState() namespace method. It returns an object containing information about the task.

The task state object:

task_nameThe name of the task
task_descriptionThe description of the task
task_managerThe public key of the task creator in uint8 format
is_whitelistedBoolean value to show if the task is whitelisted
is_activeBoolean value to show if the task is active
task_audit_programThe IPFS CID / Arweave ID pointing to the JavaScript executable file of the task
stake_pot_accountAccount to which all the stakes go
submissionsThe values submitted to K2; it also includes the round and slots in which a submission was made
submissions_audit_triggerIncludes the submission value for a raised audit, also shows who audited it, who submitted the value and the submission value
total_bounty_amountTotal KOII added by the task creator to be distributed amongst the nodes
bounty_amount_per_roundKOII to be rewarded per round, this cannot be more than total_bounty_amount
total_stake_amountSum of all the stakes by the nodes running the task
minimum_stake_amountMinimum KOII required to run the task
available_balancesList of pending rewards of nodes that are available to be claimed
stake_listObject of staker publicKey mapped with the amount they staked
ip_address_listStatic IPs of the nodes that are running the current task
round_timeThe total number of slots it takes for each period of the current task
starting_slotThe slot at which the task is created
audit_windowTotal number of slots given for nodes to perform audit
submission_windowTotal number of slots given for nodes to complete submission
task_executable_networkEither IPFS/DEVELOPMENT/ARWEAVE. It specifies the location to fetch the task executable, if "DEVELOPMENT", then it assumes the task_audit_program (executable file) is on the task creator's local device
distribution_rewards_submissionTracks all the distribution submissions submitted to K2 for each round
distributions_audit_triggerTracks all the audits raised in each round for distribution submissions in the respective rounds
distributions_audit_recordRecords of payout statuses for the latest finished rounds containing Uninitialized, PayoutSuccessful, and PayoutFailed statuses.
task_metadataIPFS CID containing metadata for the task
task_varsnot used
koii_varsnot used
is_migratedBoolean to show the state of migration, if true then migrated_to will have the new address
migrated_toNew task Id to which the task is migrated

Task state sample:

task_name: 'did-task',
task_description: 'This task creates decentralized identities',
task_manager: [
125, 234, 6, 93, 93, 181, 37, 55,
231, 207, 193, 21, 58, 4, 163, 80,
33, 236, 53, 62, 74, 30, 61, 197,
106, 63, 180, 101, 198, 173, 169, 48
is_whitelisted: false,
is_active: true,
task_audit_program: 'did.js',
stake_pot_account: [
13, 9, 93, 69, 120, 6, 193, 51,
83, 187, 162, 11, 233, 108, 147, 55,
163, 157, 89, 111, 152, 156, 14, 213,
165, 233, 165, 91, 4, 203, 199, 201
submissions: {},
submissions_audit_trigger: {},
total_bounty_amount: 1000000000000,
bounty_amount_per_round: 10000000000,
total_stake_amount: 0,
minimum_stake_amount: 100,
available_balances: {},
stake_list: {},
ip_address_list: {},
round_time: 650,
starting_slot: 43357,
audit_window: 240,
submission_window: 240,
task_executable_network: 'DEVELOPMENT'
distribution_rewards_submission: {},
distributions_audit_trigger: {},
distributions_audit_record: {},
task_metadata: "",
task_vars: "",
koii_vars: "",
is_migrated: false,
migrated_to: ""

Example showing how to get the number of staked nodes:

const taskAccountDataJSON = await namespaceWrapper.getTaskState();
const listOfStakedNodes = taskAccountDataJSON.stake_list;