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Connect to a Cluster

The koii config command is used to update the Koii CLI configuration settings.

To print the file location of the config, run:

koii config get

The output of the command should be similar to the following:

Config File: /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/cli/config.yml
WebSocket URL: wss:// (computed)
Keypair Path: /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/id.json
Commitment: confirmed

The RPC URL can be toggled between testnet and mainnet by pointing the RPC URL to the corresponding node URL.

The command below is an example of how to switch to testnet:

koii config set --url

The wallet default URL can also be updated, the default URL lives in /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/id.json and it can be updated with this config command:

koii config set --keypair <PATH_TO_KEYPAIR>