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Send ETH

Now, let's see how we can send some eth to the other account, using our Finnie wallet that we have already set in the previous chapter. First, you can list all the available accounts as below

const accounts = await window.ethereum.request({
method: "eth_requestAccounts",

Now, when we have listed all available accounts, we can grab our account which is accounts[0] and use it in the transaction payload:

const transactionParameters = {
from: accounts[0], // the account you want to charge
to: "0xb076413401172CBB73C082107514De3376E4FF6c", // receiver's account
value: "0x38D7EA4C68000", // transaction value
gasLimit: "0x5208", // gas limit
type: "0x0", // type of the transaction

const sendEth = async () => {
try {
const transactionHash = await window.ethereum.request({
method: "eth_sendTransaction",
params: [transactionParameters],

console.log("Transaction Hash: " + transactionHash);
} catch (err) {