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K2 Validators


K2 Validators

The K2 Settlement Layer is the core of Koii's network.

K2 Validators play a critical role in the consensus mechanism of Koii's blockchain network and contribute to the validation and verification of transactions, ensuring the integrity and security of the network.

Additionally, they are responsible for confirming the legitimacy and accuracy of tasks performed within the Koii ecosystem. These nodes validate the results generated by task nodes, guaranteeing the authenticity and reliability of the outcomes. Additionally, K2 Validators also participate in block creation and consensus formation, contributing to the decentralized governance and overall stability of the K2 settlement layer.

In addition to providing fast and secure micro-payments for Koii's compute economy, the K2 layer also provides a heartbeat to synchronize task nodes and the apps built on top of them.

Because of this important role, and the responsibility of securing the network, K2 Validators require significantly more powerful hardware, along with considerable collateral deposits to ensure security.

Click here to learn more about running a K2 Validator.