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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How are tasks distributed to nodes? Is there a limit on how many nodes can work on one task?

    Koii simply provides the infrastructure for tasks and the execution of those tasks is dependent on node operators. Distribution depends on how much computing power is needed and the task requirements, but there is no limit on how many nodes can work on one task. It is incentive based, so hundreds to thousands of nodes can complete a single compute task.

  2. For tasks that require specific GPUs, is that supported on Koii?

    Absolutely. The network supports this in task setup, contingent on the task creator setting requirements for their task and the nodes meeting those requirements. There's no restriction on Koii's side.

  3. Can we guarantee a task will be completed once its live?

    There's no absolute guarantee. However, task creators can dynamically adjust their incentives to ensure a task is completed. This is a marketplace and task completion is dependent on node operators willing to execute them. We will soon have a API you can access that details the average incentive required to automate tasks.

  4. How do you handle multiple tasks/requests?

    A task is different than a request, A task is designed in such a way that it can handle requests and do whatever is required of it. And the node operators decide which task to run that will benefit them monetarily.

  5. Will you guys ever have any maintenance periods? Or will Koii always be up?

    The goal is continuous uptime. However, downtimes can occur and are typically scheduled and communicated in advance.