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Submit function

The submit function is where the data is submitted to the K2. The submit function is defined in the special_submit.js file. The file is located in the root folder. It is exported from the file and imported into the submission.js file.

In this function, we will use the cid that we just uploaded in the main() function and combine with node_pubKey and node_signature to submit the data to the K2.

It imports namespaceWrapper module and uses the function payloadSigning() to sign the payload.

const signature = await namespaceWrapper.payloadSigning(cid);

const submissionValue = {
steam_special: cid,
nodePublicKey: await namespaceWrapper.getMainAccountPubkey(),
signature: signature,

Then it stores the submission value to IPFS and returns proof_cid as the submission value.

const proof_cid = await storageClient.put([file]);
console.log(`Uploaded and got proof_cid: ${proof_cid}`);

return proof_cid;

K2 will receive your proof_cid as the submission value, which will be used in the next audit step to verify the data.