There are three solutions for holding KOII token, each targetted to a different use case:
  • ​Finnie Wallet - this Chrome Extension wallet provides an easy to use tool for beginners, along with more advanced features for developers and crypto-aficionados
  • ​Desktop Node - used to manage staking wallets for participating in Tasks
  • Native Wallet File - best used for developers and with Koii-based apps

Finnie Wallet

Finnie is designed to act as a browsing companion for the decentralized web:
  • Drag and Drop NFT Minting
  • Integrated DIDs
  • Ethereum and EVM Wallet Functions
  • Solana Wallet Functions
  • Arweave Wallet Functions
  • Filecoin Wallet Functions (Coming Soon)

Desktop Node

In order to rent your personal devices to the network and participate in the Compute Marketplace, you'll often need to hold KOII and other tokens in a staking wallet, which can be confiscated when if your node is caught trying to submit bad data.
Note: Your collateral will never be confiscated for honest work (see the Audits section for more information)​
The desktop node hasn't been released to the public yet, but you can join the beta by clicking the form below.

Native Wallet File

Native Filesystem wallets are used by developers building applications, or during testing. For information about using filesystem wallets as a developer, check the CLI Docs.