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The Task

To create our initial task, we will customize the methods within submission.js located inside the task directory. Join us as we delve into each method to gain a deeper understanding of their functionalities and implementation details.

In this section, we will write the logic for our task and make a submission to K2 using the following methods in submission.js: task(), fetchSubmission(), submitTask().

These methods will define the core functionality of our task and the process of submitting its results to K2.


The purpose of this method is to outline the main objective of our task. As previously mentioned, our task aims to submit the value Hello, World! to K2. To achieve this, we will use the namespaceWrapper.storeSet(key,value) function, which allows us to store the value in NeDB by default.

Update task() with the code block below to fulfill the task's logic:

const { namespaceWrapper } = require("../_koiiNode/koiiNode");

async function task() {
try {
const value = "Hello, World!";

if (value) {
// store value on NeDB
await namespaceWrapper.storeSet("value", value);
return value;
} catch (err) {
console.log("ERROR IN EXECUTING TASK", err);


Upon task completion, the generated results or work will be stored on either IPFS or NeDB To access the stored data, this method retrieves it from the respective storage location. As we have stored our value Hello World to NeDB, we will fetch it using the namespaceWrapper.storeGet(key) method.

To do the same, update fetchSubmission() with the code block below:

async fetchSubmission() {
const value = await namespaceWrapper.storeGet("value"); // retrieves the value
console.log("VALUE", value);
return value;


In this method, a namespace function is called to submit the task's results/work to K2. Accordingly, the submitTask() method uses fetchSubmission() to retrieve the submission value from NeDB. Subsequently, it sends this value, along with the current roundNumber, to K2 as the task's submission.

We can achieve this using the below code in the submitTask() method:

async submitTask(roundNumber) {
try {
const submission = await this.fetchSubmission();
console.log("SUBMISSION", submission);
await namespaceWrapper.checkSubmissionAndUpdateRound(
} catch (error) {
console.log("error in submission", error);