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"Hello, World!" Quickstart Guide

Write and deploy your first Koii task.

Hello World is a project that demonstrates how to build and deploy a Koii task using the Task-Template (written in JavaScript).

Getting Started

The first step is to clone the Task-template:

$ git clone hello-world
$ cd hello-world

Make sure you have node, npm, and yarn installed before going forward.

What's in the template?

  • index.js — is the hub of your app, and ties together the other pieces. This will be the entry point when your task runs on task nodes.

  • namespaceWrappers.js — contains the interfaces to make API calls to the core of the task-node. It contains all the necessary functions required to submit and audit the work, as well as the distribution lists. Check here to learn more Namespace functions.

  • coreLogic.js — is where you'll define your task, audit, and distribution logic, and controls the majority of task functionality. You can of course break out separate features into sub-files and import them into the core logic before web-packing.

The coreLogic.js

There are in total 9 methods in CoreLogic which you can modify according to your needs:

task()The logic for what your task should do goes here.
fetchSubmission()After completing the task, the results/work will be stored either on IPFS or NeDB. This method fetches the results/work from where it was stored.
submitTask()This method calls a namespace method and submits the task's results/work to K2.
generateDistributionList()This method contains the logic to generate a distribution list. We have provided a sample logic that rewards 1 KOII to all the nodes with valid submissions for that round.
submitDistributionList()Makes a call to a namespace method of the task-node to upload the distribution list to K2
validateNode()This method contains logic to verify a node's submission value.
validateDistribution()The logic to validate the distribution list goes here and the method will receive the distribution list submitted from the task-state.
auditTask()Makes a call to the namespace of task-node to raise an audit against the submission value if the validation fails.
auditDistribution()Makes a call to the namespace of task-node to raise an audit against the distribution list if the validation fails.

Now that's out of the way, let's move forward to writing the task.


If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to contact us at Koii support or chat with us at Discord.