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To enhance our workflow, we will implement a REST API for retrieving the data stored in NeDB. We can achieve this by creating a GET request. To accomplish this, we will navigate to the index.js file and add our GET endpoint using the exposed app object, similar to how we do it in an Express app.

In the template, there is a block of if statement, within which we will define our endpoint.

To retrieve the stored value from our local DB, which was stored with the key value, we will use the namespaceWrapper.storeGet() method. Finally, we will then send this value as a JSON response for the created endpoint.

if (app) {
// Write your Express Endpoints here.
// For Example
//'/accept-cid', async (req, res) => {})

// Sample API that return your stored value from the local DB

app.get("/value", async (req, res) => {
const value = await namespaceWrapper.storeGet("value");
console.log("value", value);

res.status(200).json({ value: value });