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Let's Deploy

After creating a Koii Task, it is highly recommended that you include a detailed description of the task so that node operators who wish to run your task have all the necessary information.

The configuration file config-task.yml contains information about your task. A sample config-task.yml file can be found in the root directory of your task folder.


The secret_web3_storage_key variable requires you to have a account; create an account and provide your API secret key into it.

Follow the instructions in the file and fill in your task's information:

#Provide the taskId if you are updating the task
task_id: ""
# Name and description of your task
task_name: "web3-revolution"
task_description: 'This is a simple web3 task that returns "Hello, World!"'

# Network value can be DEVELOPMENT, ARWEAVE or IPFS
task_executable_network: "IPFS"

# Provide your key as it is needed for uploading your metadata
secret_web3_storage_key: ""

# Path to your executable webpack if the selected network is IPFS otherwise leave blank
task_audit_program: ""

# Provide your transaction ID in case of ARWEAVE and in case of DEVELOPMENT give your executable name as main otherwise leave blank
task_audit_program_id: "main"

# Total round time of your task: it must be given in slots and each slot is roughly equal to 4ms
round_time: 1500

audit_window: 300
submission_window: 300

# Amounts in KOII

minimum_stake_amount: 2

# total_bounty_amount cannot be greater than bounty_amount_per_round
# total bounty is not accepted in case of update task
total_bounty_amount: 15

bounty_amount_per_round: 1

#Number of times allowed to re-submit the distribution list in case the distribution list is audited
allowed_failed_distributions: 3

#Space in MBs
space: 1

# Note that the value field in RequirementTag is optional, so it is up to you to include it or not based on your use case.
# To add more global variables and task variables, please refer to the type, value, and description format shown below

author: "Cool Dev"
description: 'This is a simple task that returns "Hello, World!"'
repositoryUrl: ""
imageUrl: "Enter you image URL"
value: SECRET_WEB3_STORAGE_KEY (required for this task)
description: "used to connect"
description: "URL from which you want to scrape"
- type: CPU
value: "4-core"
- type: RAM
value: "5 GB"
- type: STORAGE
value: "test"
- type: NETWORK
value: "test"
value: "AMD"
- type: OS
value: "OSX"

The create-task-cli is used to register a new task on K2.


Before proceeding, download the Koii CLI here, create a Koii wallet, and fund your wallet.

After setting up the KOII CLI and funding your Koii wallet, follow the steps below to create and register your task on K2:

  • Run the below command to compile your task code.
npm webpack
  • Run the following command in your terminal within the task directory to begin deploying your task;
npx @_koii/create-task-cli@latest
  • It prompts for your wallet path:
✔ Enter the path to your wallet … /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/id.json

Run koii config get to get the information of your wallet path.

Don't have a Koii wallet yet? Check here and generate one quickly. Remember to save your wallet path.

  • Next, you will be prompted with seven options, select Create a new task to create a new task:
? Select operation › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯ Create a new task
update existing task
Activate/Deactivate task
Claim reward
Fund task with more KOII
Withdraw staked funds from task
upload assets to IPFS(metadata/local vars)
  • There are two options to create a new task, select "using config YML" as we've updated the config-task.yml file with our task information:
? Select operation › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
using CLI
❯ using config YML
  • If there is an error, follow the instructions to correct it. If it was successful, your terminal should display an output similar to this:
Your MetaData CID is bafybeibjbtiendwzxq3ou5hsgauyym4wcg4gtodbhssh4cxhxdipqibrrm/metadata.json

Your account will be deducted 16.96090088 KOII for creating the task, which includes the rent exemption(6.96090088 KOII) and bounty amount fees (10 KOII)
  • Hit y to subtract the necessary amount of KOII for your task creation.
  • Finally, the details of your task, including the task ID, are returned.
Calling Create Task
Task Id: 4b4A15VaMqFtzgtSHxJsJ8UxVaUSQ4vRVEfnqMcFxUPh
Stake Pot Account Pubkey: stakepotaccount6G1XJXA1AZBKbwdhhbTSDi3AGLs7
Note: Task Id is basically the public key of taskStateInfoKeypair.json