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Deploy Task

The create-task-cli is used to register a new task on K2.


Before proceeding, download the Koii CLI here, create a Koii wallet, and fund your wallet.

After setting up the KOII CLI and funding your Koii wallet, follow the steps below to create and register your task on K2:

  • Run npx @_koii/create-task-cli@latest in your terminal within the task directory; it prompts for your wallet path:
✔ Enter the path to your wallet … /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/id.json

Run koii config get to get the information of your wallet path.

Don't have a Koii wallet yet? Check here and generate one quickly. Remember to save your wallet path.

  • Next, you will be prompted with seven options, select Create a new task to create a new task:
? Select operation › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯ Create a new task
update existing task
Activate task
Claim reward
Fund task with more KOII
Withdraw staked funds from task
upload assets to IPFS(metadata/local vars)
  • There are two options to create a new task, select "using config YML" as we've updated the config-task.yml file with our task information:
? Select operation › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯ using CLI
using config YML
  • If there is an error, follow the instructions to correct it. If it was successful, your terminal should display an output similar to this:
Your MetaData CID is bafybeibjbtiendwzxq3ou5hsgauyym4wcg4gtodbhssh4cxhxdipqibrrm/metadata.json

Your account will be deducted 16.96090088 KOII for creating the task, which includes the rent exemption(6.96090088 KOII) and bounty amount fees (10 KOII)
  • Hit y to subtract the necessary amount of KOII for your task creation.
  • Finally, the details of your task, including the task ID, are returned.
Calling Create Task
Task Id: 4b4A15VaMqFtzgtSHxJsJ8UxVaUSQ4vRVEfnqMcFxUPh
Stake Pot Account Pubkey: stakepotaccount6G1XJXA1AZBKbwdhhbTSDi3AGLs7
Note: Task Id is basically the public key of taskStateInfoKeypair.json

Congratulations! You've created your first Koii task. See the links below to learn and build more Koii tasks: