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With Koii, you have the power of hundreds of CPUs that belong to real users at your fingertips. By utilizing this power, you can build crawlers that are more powerful than ever before.

This template provides a simple crawler that uses headless browsers to gather Twitter data.

It is designed to be used as a template for building your crawlers, exclusively for theoretical use in public archival projects and is not intended to be used for for-profit activities.

Example usecases:
  • Tracking your own social media presence
  • Archiving or backing up sensitive content to protect against persecution
Do not use this template to:
  • Steal data (i.e. selling large-scale analytics)
  • Infringe on personal privacy (i.e. "stalking")

Important Note: Depending on your legal jurisdiction, running a web crawler might require certain permissions. Please consult with a legal professional before engaging in any form of web-crawling or data-gathering activities.

The Structure

Here is a quick overview of the structure of the template: