What are Tasks?
Trustless systems are essential for a stable internet. We're working to make them bigger and better.
Since Ethereum's debut in 2015, the idea of a "World Computer" has captured the imagination of millions around the world. The benefits of a trustless digital machine with inherent censorship resistance are, in many ways, the answer to the growing pains and civil unrest as our societies struggle to adapt to the realities of global communication via the internet.
Our mission at Koii is to produce better decentralized applications, and make it easier for developers and community members to participate at every level. Our ambition is that tools like Ethereum, Filecoin, and others can be easily accessed and paid for by anyone around the world using simplified templates and tools.
The first step in this process was to build a format for anonymous and decentralized trust in product operations, so we designed an open standard called Gradual Consensus, and implemented a prototype called Tasks
Depending on the size of the community, volunteer task operators may be sufficient to power the product, or a grant can be requested to cover initial KOII tokens to pay for early bounties.
So what's a Task?
Koii Tasks are off-chain computation, verified and submitted on-chain, then audited by other nodes. This unique structure of accountability allows Task nodes to perform a range of easily customizable services and provides the foundation for a highly transparent and trustless internet, without the scaling limitations of traditional blockchains.
Koii Tasks (currently in beta) provide a microservices economy to app developers, where nodes trustlessly complete off-chain executables, and return the results on-chain. Witness nodes track this process, verifying the work, and audit any malicious parties.
Request Early Access Tasks and nodes have not yet been released for public use, but you can join our Discord to request to audit the current prototypes.
Join the Koii Discord Server!
Note: Tasks and Task Nodes are currently in private beta, but you can contact us for early access or pre-register to run a node.
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