Create Staking Wallet

The staking CLI can be started by running the command yarn stake in the root directory of the task node. The steps are:
  • Clone the task node repository if you haven’t already done it.
  • Run yarn build
  • Run yarn stake in your terminal
  • Enter the path to your wallet
  • Next you will be prompted with four options
? Select operation › - Use arrow-keys. Return to submit.
❯ Create a task staking wallet
Create a task distribution wallet
Stake tokens on a task
Show all tasks
To create a staking wallet, select the "Create a task staking wallet" option and add the amount of KOII tokens you want to fund the wallet with.
✔ Enter the path to your wallet … /Users/<YOUR_HOME>/.config/koii/id.json
✔ Select operation › Create a task staking wallet
Connection to cluster established:
Using account 2kG7HBGGVHZEhdbHQzvQGQUjLNGGiQvxshLu47UvnpBs containing 379.99414788 KOII to pay for fees
✔ Enter the amount to add to staking wallet … 20
✨ Done in 586.68s.