Task Development Guide

More details on task deployments coming soon!
Easy-Peasy, JavaScript
Our mission is to improve access to decentralized technology, which is why Koii Tasks are written and configured entirely in JavaScript (NodeJS 16, to be exact) and support the majority of popular NPM Modules. It can help to think of Task Executables as Express.js nodes for hire, each of which stake tokens and reputation to participate. Combined with Koii-X, that means you can deploy an entire stack, decentralized, with just JavaScript, while taking advantage of all the existing node.js modules.

Deploying Tasks

When designing a new task, there are three main components to deploy.
The Task Executable The executable is the core of the task, containing a JavaScript payload that utilizes the namespace SDK to provision a variety of local services and utilities including a multi-chain wallet, a filestore, a Redis cache, a REST API via Express.js, and more. Please see the tasks section for details.
The Audit Function Audits should be provided for any important features of the task, whether they are directly related to bounties or not. Please see the audit section for details. The Bounty Pool Every task must have a bounty pool provided, containing enough KOII tokens to cover 4 epochs of operation at the default reward rate. Tokens can be staked on the K2 layer into a new program account.