Task Functions


The task function contains the core logic of the task and we will update the code sample on the template with the code block below:
async function task() {
const browser = await puppeteer.launch(); // launch browser
const page = await browser.newPage(); // new page
await page.goto(''); // visit'
let bodyHTML = await page.evaluate(() => document.documentElement.outerHTML);
const $ = cheerio.load(bodyHTML); // parse HTML
let scrapedDoodle = $('.latest-doodle.on').find('div > div > a > img').attr('src'); // get link for latest doodle using the HTML element
if (scrapedDoodle.substring(0, 2) == '//') {
scrapedDoodle = scrapedDoodle.substring(2, scrapedDoodle.length);
} // extract link
console.log('SUBMISSION VALUE', scrapedDoodle);
const stringfy = JSON.stringify(scrapedDoodle);
// store this work of fetching googleDoodle to levelDB
await namespaceWrapper.storeSet("doodle", stringfy); // store on levelDB
console.log("error", err)
Let's break down the logic above, we:
  • Launched a browser using Puppeteer, created anew page and visited Google doodle​
  • Parsed the HTML document with Cheerio
  • Extracted the link of the latest google doodle from the parsed HTML document
  • Converted the link to JSON and stored it on levelDB using the storeSet helper function


The fetchSubmission function with fetch and return the value from levelDB using the storeGet helper function.
async function fetchSubmission() {
try {
const scrappedDoodle = JSON.parse(await namespaceWrapper.storeGet(
)); // retrieve value
console.log("Received Doodle", scrappedDoodle);
return scrappedDoodle;
} catch (err) {
console.log("Error", err);
return err;


The submitTask function calls the fetchSubmission() to retrieve the value from levelDB and submits it to K2 using the checkSubmissionAndUpdateRound helper function.
async function submitTask(roundNumber) {
console.log("submitTask called with round", roundNumber);
try {
const value = await fetchSubmission(); // retrieve value from levelDB
console.log("value", value);
await namespaceWrapper.checkSubmissionAndUpdateRound(value, roundNumber); // submit to K2
console.log("after the submission call");
} catch (error) {
console.log("error in submission", error);