This function will generate an Arweave wallet, not a Koii wallet. To generate a Koii wallet please check Koii CLI.
This function creates a new Arweave wallet, but it does not return the private key of the generated wallet. Instead, it stores the info under the wallet property and returns a boolean value of True or False.


use_mnemonic <boolean> - Flag for enabling mnemonic phrase wallet generation

Example Code

const knode = require("@_koi/sdk/node");
const ktools = new knode.Node();
async function testGenerateWallet(true) {
let generatedWallet = await ktools.generateWallet();
console.log("My wallet: ", ktools.wallet);
// {kty:"RSA", n:"0vx7agoebGcQSuu...", e:"AQAB"... }
console.log("My mnemonic: ", ktools.mnemonic);
// "violin artwork lonely inject resource jewel purity village abstract neglect panda license"
The true parameter on line 4 in the testGenerateWallet function is for use_mnemonic boolean passed as a parameter to generate a mnemonic wallet.

Example Code Output

This will return the contents of the JSON for your newly generated private key.


Promise <Boolean Value> - True or False depending on the state of the function.


wallet - has the key of the generated wallet, which is the private key to the wallet if saved as a .json file.
mnemonic - generates a wallet with mnemonic words
  • The generated wallet can be accessed via ktools.wallet, Save this info into a file in .JSON format and that's the Private Key to the generated wallet.
  • The wallet can also be accessed via ktools.mnemonic, If you selected to generate a mnemonic wallet via parameters.
Optional: Arweave uses the JSON Web Key (JWK) format (RFC 7517) with 4096 length RSA-PSS keys. This JWK format allows for cryptographic keys to be represented as JSON object where each property represents a property of the underlying cryptographic key.