KOII Faucet

There are two ways to airdrop some KOII into your wallets:

Using Koii-CLI to run Airdrop

You need to install Koii CLI and prepare a wallet to do airdrop. After creating a wallet, you can fund your wallet with some Koii tokens.
Run the command below to airdrop some Koii tokens into your newly created wallet:
koii airdrop 2000
Run koii balance to view your balance. Subsequently, you can airdrop more Koii tokens into your local wallet by running koii airdrop <AMOUNT_YOU_WANT>.
koii airdrop 1000 // fund your wallet with 1000 test KOII
koii balance // check balance
koii airdrop <amount> <account> // to fund other wallets

Running Faucet

The Koii Foundation distributes free tokens when new users join. Each new user can earn tokens for connecting social media accounts, a phone number, or an email to their Koii ID. Visit the Faucet below to start building your Koii Identity and get some free tokens.
Now you have your wallet and some KOII in it. Enjoy the environment with Koii task and more features!