transfer (AR)

Interact with the contract to transfer AR tokens from one wallet to another.


  • qty <number> - Amount of tokens to transfer
  • target <string> - Receiver's wallet address
  • token <string> - The token to be transferred (AR in this case)
  • (optional) reward: string Custom reward for smartweave transaction
The same function can be used to transfer KOII tokens from one wallet to another, we just need to change the token type in the third parameter.

Example Code

In the below code example, change the qty & receiverAddress as per your transfer requirements.
const knode = require("@_koi/sdk/node");
const ktools = new knode.Node();
async function transferAr() {
const jwk = await ktools.loadFile("arweaveWallet.json");
await ktools.loadWallet(jwk);
const qty = 0.001;
const receiverAddress = "azJBB0fI8iKZo3CsWbTOo3bot-uMwUHh__cQ0HzC4Io";
const transferTxId = await ktools.transfer(qty, receiverAddress, "AR");
console.log("Your transaction is " + transferTxId);

Example Code Output

Initialized Koii Tools for true ownership and direct communication using version QA7AIFVx1KBBmzC7WUNhJbDsHlSJArUT0jWrhZMZPS8
Your transaction is rxomYgpdTaRkmeSt_MHYqD5KBAGd9JSFYq8iOeM-is0


Promise <string> - Transaction ID of the transfer transaction.