Registering Content

Koii can be earned on any content where Proofs of Real Traffic are submitted.
In order to mine new KOII tokens, each piece of content must be registered by paying a small fee in KOII. The fee can either be paid upfront, which costs less, or it can be paid after KOII has already been earned, in which case the fee will scale to the total earned.
Registration Fees
Up Front - Small fee, fixed price, but must be paid in advance of any Proof of Real Traffic
Lazy - Larger Fee, Scales to the total attention the content has received so far
Content Types
The network is designed to track content from any source and can be configured to credit app developers by specifying an application key. If no application key is specified, the registrar of the content ID receives all rewards.
Any piece of content can be registered for Attention Mining by constructing a URI like the one above, where the network key, application key, and content id contain valid data.
Supported Networks
The K2 release will support a wide range of network prefixes, including ETH, AR, SOL, HTTP://, MATIC, and more. In general, token symbols can be used to specify layer one blockchains, and web URLs can be specified using the HTTP prefix.
Note: Currently only Arweave content formatted as Atomic NFTs is supported, but wider support for web URI, IPFS, EVM NFTs, and more will be released in early January 2023. Contact us for early access.