Attention Mining
Collect Proofs of Real Traffic on your content to mine new KOII tokens each day!
KOII tokens are earned by tracking Proofs of Real Traffic (PoRT) on your website or content.
A Proof of Real Traffic is generated by a user's wallet when they visit a website or view content. The Finnie wallet composes these in the background as users browse, then broadcasts the PoRTs to Koii nodes at regular intervals.
This can be implemented in any web client by installing the PoRT library like so:
npm install @_koi/port
yarn add @_koi/port

Example code:

portAPI = new port.PoRT({
trustedNodeAddress: '',
node: 5,
connectionWait: false,
Where "TI6x7I6wzh2VQhT5qXEFRWQxX2zAj8zGdcadCYn8580" is the Universal ID of the content the PoRT is being submitted to support.
If the person visiting your content has a Koii wallet, you'll get even more of the daily share if they have a high reputation or are actively operating a node.
Why Attention?
Human time is the scarcest and most expensive resource we have access to today, and attention is how we use that time to absorb new knowledge and transfer it to others. This superpower has led our species to an almost inconceivably powerful position, and we hope to use Koii to help everyone participate in governance of our communal attention.
While KOII tokens are used as a compute resource, we are more concerned with creating a safe protocol for the storage of our communal history. The attention economy is everyone's opportunity to build reputation and trust, and ultimately run their own node and receive rewards for supporting the ecosystem. For further reading, Albert Wenger summarizes a number of key points in The World After Capital.
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