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KOII Faucet


There are two ways to airdrop some KOII into your wallets:

Using Koii-CLI to run Airdrop

You need to install Koii CLI and prepare a wallet to do airdrop. After creating a wallet, you can fund your wallet with some Koii tokens.

If you are building a task, make sure you are on the devnet and not testnet as there is a limit of the total koii you can airdrop on the testnet.

koii config set --url

Run the command below to airdrop some Koii tokens into your newly created wallet:

koii airdrop 5

Run koii balance to view your balance. Subsequently, you can airdrop more Koii tokens into your local wallet by running koii airdrop <AMOUNT_YOU_WANT>.

commands you can use
koii airdrop 5 // fund your wallet with 5 test KOII
koii balance // check balance
koii airdrop <amount> <account> // to fund other wallets

Running Faucet

The Koii Foundation distributes free tokens when new users join. Each new user can earn tokens for connecting social media accounts, a phone number, or an email to their Koii ID.

Visit the Faucet below to start building your Koii Identity and get some free tokens.


Faucet | Koii Network

Now you have your wallet and some KOII in it. Enjoy the environment with Koii task and more features!