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Application layer nodes are one of the most-needed commodities in Web3.

Once a content creator or app developer mines KOII, they have the option of staking their new tokens as collateral against either a task node or a K2 settlement node. Task nodes provide web app and microservice hosting and support an open and extensible consensus process known as Gradual Consensus, while Settlement Nodes provide fast payments using a storage-based Solana fork.

Task nodes perform automated microservices for the network and receive bounty tokens for their work. As the task nodes work through their tasks, they post various signed payloads to storage layers or their personal API, and each node checks the work of the others before writing votes into the K2 layer and trigger the distribution of the bounty.

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Run a task Node

How does it work?

When you run a task node on a personal device or hosted server, you can select from a list of known tasks that suit your device type, and then begin staking your KOII tokens in order to fulfill the task responsibilities. Each task contains an executable, an audit function, and a rewards model, which can be audited by any user in advance of participation.

Once staked, your node must remain online to fulfill task executions according to the rules of the audit function and will operate in the background on your devices to provide microservices to Koii-X apps and developers.

If you want to upgrade your existing systems and don't have the resources, contact us here for a grant to cover hardware and hosting.

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What are tasks?

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While the network is still in its early stages, the community has already registered tens of thousands of node applicants, providing a global network of personal computers and smartphones, and partnerships with larger providers have now paved the way for high-performance cloud hosting.


Task nodes are currently in private beta, but you can contact us to get early access, or signup here to join the waitlist to run your own.