Quick Start

Get up and running in minutes!
Follow the steps below to get started building your first dApp with Koii-X.
In your CLI, run the following code snippet to install the Koii-X App:
npx create-koii-app
Koii-X needs Node.js and Yarn to install and run.
Check your environment (Copy and paste in your terminal):
node --version
yarn --version
The terminal will show your environment version
If you fail to install it or think you lack the necessary environment, you can check and install the requirements here. Environment​
After the installation is done, head to the installed project, and inside it run yarn start.
If yarn startdoesn't work, try:
react-scripts --openssl-legacy-provider start
Now you can see the whole structure of Koii-X. When you are ready to deploy your dApp, run:
yarn build
yarn deploy