Create NFTs

There are two ways to create new NFTs with Koii-X:
  1. 1.
    Programmatically using our JavaScript Libraries
  2. 2.
    Using the Drag and Drop Widget
    • The Finnie Wallet employs Drag and Drop and users can create NFTs directly from Finnie


To create an Atomic NFT yourself, write your content in JavaScript and head on over to for help with deploying it.
Deploy an Atomic NFT
Learn How to Deploy an Atomic NFT

The Drag and Drop Widget

The leaderboard template contains a drag-and-drop NFT minting widget. This widget makes it very easy for users to create NFTs from within your dApp.
// Drag and drop widget: src/compoents/widgets/DragAndDropUploader.tsx
export function DragAndDropUploader() {
// Use Finnie
// Dropzone
// Add NFT details
// helper tools
// Used in src/pages/home/index/tsx
/* Drag and drop uploader to */
<DragAndDropUploader />