Leaderboard App

90% of traffic on the web goes to leaderboard apps. What better way to mine KOII?
Many of the internet's most popular websites are designed with the same principles in mind as leaderboard apps. The difference is that on Web 2.0, your views are tracked and your data is analyzed, repackaged, and sold so that the company can make a profit from the content that you create.
Using Koii-X's simple dApp template, you can deploy your own leaderboard app to web 3.0 and join the attention economy, earning tokens for your content. Attention tracking using the Proofs of Real Traffic system (PoRT) is already baked into the template so that your Atomic NFTs will immediately start earning rewards.
Example Web 2.0 Websites
These websites all earn from content that YOU create. Barely rewarding you for your contributions (if at all).
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube

Example Web 3 websites

Here are some examples of websites where YOU earn from the content you create
After installing Koii-X you will find the resources in the/src folder
Get started with setting up your Leaderboard App below 👇