Deploy both Your Koii-X (Leaderboard) and the Crowdfunding portal

Deploy to Arweave

Follow these simple steps to deploy to your Leaderboard or Crowdfunding portal to Arweave:
First of all
Get your wallet.json file ready and put it in your dApp root folder
For the Leaderboard:
📦KoiiX ┗ 📜wallet.json
For Crowdfunding:
📦Fundraiser-Portal ┗ 📜wallet.json
  1. 1.
    Install arkb globally on your machine. arkb runs using NodeJS and NPM. You must have both installed on your machine for it to work. npm install -g arkb Or head to arkb installation guide.
  2. 2.
    Finally, Run: yarn deploy
yarn deploy is a shortcut of yarn build && arkb deploy build -w wallet.json --timeout=50000 --debug Check if everything looks good, then enter "Y" to confirm upload. Give it a second for your dApp to deploy to Arweave and you will receive your transaction ID.
  • You will need around 0.01 AR to deploy.
  • Please make sure your node version is higher than v16.13.1
  • Check your node version: node -v

Track attention of your deployment

To track the attention of your deployed DApp:
  1. 1.
    Get the transaction id You should get this id after the deployment is done. It follows this format<txid>
  2. 2.
    Import the port. Or create your own like this. import port from "services/port";
  3. 3.
    Submit your transaction id to the port to track it. port.propagatePoRT(id)

After Deployment

  • Arweave info To check your dApp. Please visit:<txid>​
  • What is decentralized storage? Learn more with We Teach Blockchain:
One more option, you can deploy your dApp by using Spheron:

Deploying your Koii-X template with Spheron

Spheron makes deploying your dApp directly from GitHub easy.

How to deploy with Spheron

Check our blog for a full write-up on how to deploy your Koii-X template using Spheron.
You can configure a custom domain to point at your newly deployed dApp right from within Spheron