Deploy both Your Koii-X (Leaderboard) and the Crowdfunding portal

Deploy to Arweave

Follow these simple steps to deploy to your Leaderboard or Crowdfunding portal to Arweave:
First of all
Get your wallet.json file ready and put it in your dApp root folder
For the Leaderboard:
πŸ“¦KoiiX β”— πŸ“œwallet.json
For Crowdfunding:
πŸ“¦Fundraiser-Portal β”— πŸ“œwallet.json
  1. 1.
    Install arkb globally on your machine. arkb runs using NodeJS and NPM. You must have both installed on your machine for it to work. npm install -g arkb Or head to arkb installation guide.
  2. 2.
    Finally, Run: yarn deploy
yarn deploy is a shortcut of yarn build && arkb deploy build -w wallet.json --timeout=50000 --debug Check if everything looks good, then enter "Y" to confirm upload. Give it a second for your dApp to deploy to Arweave and you will receive your transaction ID.
  • You will need around 0.01 AR to deploy.
  • Please make sure your node version is higher than v16.13.1
  • Check your node version: node -v

Track attention of your deployment

To track the attention of your deployed DApp:
  1. 1.
    Get the transaction id You should get this id after the deployment is done. It follow this format<txid>
  2. 2.
    Import the port. Or create your own like this. import port from "services/port";
  3. 3.
    Submit your transaction id to the port to track it. port.propagatePoRT(id)

After Deployment

  • Arweave info To check your dApp. Please visit:<txid>​
  • What is decentralized storage? Learn more with We Teach Blockchain:
What is Decentralized Storage?
One more option, you can deploy your dApp by using Spheron:

Deploying your Koii-X template with Spheron

Spheron makes deploying your dApp directly from GitHub easy.

How to deploy with Spheron

Check our blog for a full write up on how to deploy your Koii-X template using Spheron.
You can configure a custom domain to point at your newly deployed dApp right from within Spheron
Spheron Protocol - Best decentralized cloud storage in 3 clicks
Spheron Protocol - Best decentralized cloud storage in 3 clicks
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